the authentic Italian cuisine
inspired by the Mediterranean

With its intimate and atmospheric dining area, the restaurant offers a high level cuisine that mixes different flavors
and suggestions, evolution of the regional tradition and perfect synthesis of ancient flavors and new experiences.

Our Restaurant

The spacious dining room can accommodate up to 70 people. In addition to the indoor lounge, the hotel also has an outdoor lounge for those who can't live without romantic dinners under the stars.
The menu, edited by the chef, is constantly evolving, depending on the season and the availability of fresh products. It is undoubtedly able to satisfy both the tourists' needs, looking for typical Roman and Italian dishes, and the Italians themselves, able to savor and evaluate the quality of the cuisine and the skill of the chef. The products are always fresh and high-quality.

Your Event

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Our Menu

The typical dishes start from standard first courses, such as pasta all'amatriciana or carbonara, up to more sought dishes, such as trofie al pesto or risotto with zucchini and shrimps. Second courses as well, fish or grilled meat, are able to satisfy the tastes of customers from different countries. Desserts, which vary according to the season, usually include fresh seasonal fruit and some of the great classics, such as tiramisu or panna cotta.